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September Second Summer

September: Second Summer

As we all know, summer doesn’t officially end until September 22, which means there’s still time to do some of the things you never got around to before Labor Day. And what’s not to love about the September version of summer in Connecticut? The crowds are down, the weather and water are both still warm, prices are sometimes reduced…heck, it might be the nicest summer month of all.  

Featuring: Abbott's Lobster in the Rough | Captain Scott's Lobster Dock | Ferris Acres Creamery | Hammonasset Beach State Park | Lobster Landing | Madison Beach Hotel | Rich Farm Ice Cream | Rocky Neck State Park | Saybrook Point Resort & Marina | Sherwood Island State Park | UConn Dairy Bar | Water's Edge Resort & Spa

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Connecticut Farms with Homemade Ice Cream and Fun Activities for Kids and Families

Mommy Poppins

Online article highlighting Connecticut's homemade ice cream and other fun family activities..

Published Date: 2019-07-14

Featuring: Buttonwood Farm Ice Cream | Ferris Acres Creamery | Rich Farm Ice Cream | UConn Dairy Bar